Friday, November 4, 2011

Party Between the Pages

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Hello Friends!

I'm super excited for today's party theme! It's books! I love books, to read them, shop for them, shuffle through them in the library, smell the old ones! Ahh! Wonderful! So of course I had to imagine what a party centered around them would be like.

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many amazing ideas around the web. So please forgive me in advance, as many of these ideas are not original. (Although I do have to say I would have come up with SOMETHING had the world not been at my fingertips ^_^)

When I got to this particular party planning item, I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you. These fabulous invites from Amelie's House are absolutely adorable. While she goes the extra mile to write a story to place inside the "gasp" hole she cut out of the inside, I don't think I could bear to chop up a book and would probably just steal the idea to attach a cute invite to the outside.

from Amelie's House

from Small Review
If you're going to wear costumes, I think a librarian would be precious, but only if you go all out with the stereo-typical glasses, bun, and high-necked dress. Also coming decked out as a character from your favorite story would be a delight. I'm thinking prizes for categories like best-dressed, most original, most authentic, etc. would be a must here.

Well this one's going to be easy! Books! Lots of them, a few of them, stack them, spread them out, use your imagination! I've also seen a few lovely bunting banners around the web made from old book covers and pages. I really hate to cut books, but perhaps scanning a few covers and cutting from copies wouldn't be so bad. ;)

While you can absolutely throw a book party or book swap during the summer, I just have to go with a wintry menu here. I take "cozy up with a good book" to heart and envision a blanket and a mug of hot cocoa when I picture the ideal reading setting. So for a party I'd love warm soups served with grilled cheese sandwiches served like the picture below. Both are simple to put together (a party host's dream) and of course delicious! Later on, be sure to serve some hot cocoa or coffee to warm up your guests.

from Creative Inspiration

This party element was tricky to me because of the quiet/library/bookish atmosphere and I almost skipped it. But while your guests are arriving or eating or just hanging out, you may like to put on a little soft background music like classical instrumental or some jazz. It's up to you and I think your party would be fine with or without it.

I'm all about simple planning and the less you as the host have to worry about buying or getting together, the better. So stay true to the simple here. Maybe design some bookmarks. Read some childhood books aloud to reminisce. Give someone a pen and notebook and throw around ideas to write a short story together. Whatever you do, just enjoy each other's company (and the fact that you all love books ;).

Goodie Bags
After the fabulous party you have just thrown, no one will want to forget it. Make sure they don't by sending them home with cute bookmarks and journals or perhaps some bookplates to personalize their library at home. I love these picks from Etsy:

from ZielonaOliwka

from BookFiend
from Trafalgarsquare

from Paperandtwine

Also, please check out these amazing book parties by Design*Sponge, Reid Girls Handmade, and Amelie's House! It was all I could do to not just copy every little thing they did! ^_^

Have a "novel" good time friends! ^_^


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