Monday, November 7, 2011

Mom's Day Bouquet

Not sure why this keeps reposting itself in November (weird), but I hope you enjoy it again!

Here it is as promised!

My step-by-step instructions for the paper bouquet I gave Mom for Mother's Day!
Hope you enjoy!

Items Needed:
1. A fabulous container to contain it all. I found this adorable green, polka-dotted watering can. I felt it was perfect for the "springy" season.
2. Styrofoam. A piece of the green foam used to arrange flowers was perfect.
3. Flowers cut out of pretty, printed scrapbook paper. (Sorry, I'm spoiled and have access to a die cut that makes my life easier, but you can easily cut one free-hand or use a simple coloring page as a guide.)
4. Colored card stock
5. Double-sided foam tape
6. BBQ skewers and (OPTIONAL) other fun knick-knacks to add to your bouquet
7. Twine or thin, sheer ribbon
8. Tiny, wooden clothespins (found mine at Hobby Lobby)
9. (OPTIONAL) The AMAZING thermal laminator by Scotch. I picked mine up at Walmart for $25 and use it All. The. Time.

Beginning Steps:
1. First you'll need to trim down your piece of styrofoam to fit in your container.
2. I used a simple kitchen knife. It will be messy so do your cutting on some newspaper or a plate.
3. I sliced straight across the edge, a little at a time. Then I rounded off the corners to fit into my can.
4. Check to see if your styrofoam will fit in the can, but don't wedge it in all the way just yet.
5. Add a piece of double-sided foam tape to the bottom to hold the styrofoam steady.
6. With the foam on the bottom fit the styrofoam into the can.
7. Push the styrofoam all the way to the bottom and press firmly to attach the tape.
8. Arrange your skewers to see what you have space for and how many flowers you will need to make.

Moving on to the flowers:
1. Pull out your flower cutouts and choose colors of card stock that go well with the colors of the scrapbook prints.
2. Find a glass that is slightly smaller than the middle of the flowers. This will be your stencil.
3. Trace your glass on the card stock.
4. You can probably fit several to a page.
5. Cut out your circles and add a special message, quote, etc. if you wish.
6. Save your scraps for making the lettered flags later.
7. You will need two circles for every flower.
8. Repeat for all your flowers.

Putting the circles together:
1. Add small pieces of tape around the edge of one circle. If you will be using the laminator, you only need three or so pieces spread as pictured. If not, you'll need to use more tape or even glue to seal the edges all around, leaving a small space at the bottom to insert the skewer.

Completing the flowers:
1. After putting your circles together, laminate them.
2. Cut them out, leaving enough of an edge to keep the seal of the laminate.
3. Cut a small notch in the bottom of the circle about the width of the skewer.
4. Insert your skewer, pushing it all the way up to the top edge of the circle.
5. It should look lollipop-ish.
6. Take your flower cutout and flip it over. Add two small pieces of the foam tape to the back.
7. Attach your "lollipop" with your message facing out.
8. The front finished view.
9. Place it into your can and finish the rest of your flowers.

Flag banner:
1. Alright, flag time. If you so desire, you can cut out smaller flowers to add a little pizzazz to your flags. The die cut I used for my flowers cut out a small flower-shaped center so I just used those.
2. Remember those scraps we put aside? Time to pull them out. Cut off a small corner or draw whatever flag shape you prefer and cut it out. Use this as a guide to trace on other colors. Cut them out as well.
3. Arrange your flags in the order you wish to use them.
4. Using the tiny clothespins, attach your flags to the ribbon.
5. Adjust the spacing if needed.
6. Write that special person's name on the flags.
7. Tie your flag banner to your can.
8. Again, space adjustment may be needed.

Admire your masterpiece!

Thanks for reading! Please let me know how yours turns out and what amazing twists and unique things you may change!


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