Friday, October 21, 2011

Fais-Do-Do Fridays...Let's Get It Started, Cher!

Sweet Readers!

I'm so excited for the kick-off of this series! And I figured for the first day, homage must be paid to the inspiration. So without further ado, The Cajun Party!

As I started thinking about parties I had been to, themed and non-themed, I realized there were several elements that were important to their success (at least to me ;) ). So here we go!

I'm going to go ahead and assume you know who you're inviting. ;) But whether it's a hundred people or you and two or three buddies, invitations are always a sweet touch. I remember throwing a Girlz Nite in college with a few friends. It wasn't big or anything just us hanging out. But we sent invitations that we picked up at Walmart, and just having something tangible in our hands ahead of time made the upcoming party that much more exciting. Plus, it was a helpful reminder to have around that we were busy that night and didn't want to make other plans. And while emails can be personalized and made to be very cute, nothing beats a super cute printed invite or perhaps something a little more out of the box.

If you are able to personally hand out invitations, spice them up! For a fun Cajun twist, hand out little plastic crawfish tied to the invite. Or print out invites onto sticker paper and use them as labels on bottles of Tabasco. Go creative and use that imagination!

It may just be me, but I love dressing up for a themed party! Invite your guests to come in their favorite worn out overalls and handkerchiefs. Bonus points if they show up in waders or "Delcambre Reeboks."

Food and music is what we're all about, so use those elements in your party decor. Your grandmama's old washboard, your uncles crab traps, your mama's red and white checked tablecloth, your cousin's accordion. Even moss off the tree can be a great addition. Also more Tabasco bottles and burlap can easily decorate a table. Cajuns are a very laid back brood, so don't wear yourself out with too many details. Use pretty much whatever's lying around.

If you've ever been to Louisiana and had our food, I mean real Cajun food cooked by a true Cajun, you know that this is our favorite part of parties. There's a reason we're not all size 2 supermodels. ;) Not too much detail needs to go into this either as all of our best dishes are cooked in one pot and served family style. Whip up a batch of jambalaya, etouffee, or red beans and rice. If it's cold enough, bust out the gumbo pot. If they're in season, a crawfish boil is a must.

While your guests are hanging out, have some zydeco or swamp pop playing. If accordion playing and Cajun French is in the mix, there is sure to be some foot tappin.

Wow your guests with some Cajun history. See who can come up with the right answers to some trivia. Swap your best accent. Get them laughing with some classic Boudreaux and Thibodeaux jokes. Pretty much just hang out. Read these books to the kids:

Goodie Bags
Send your guests home with some treats. There's sure to be some leftovers, so pack them up with that. Add a brown paper bag filled with a Cajun Survival Kit and a copy of the Cajun Ten Commandments. Don't forget hugs! You're all family now!

Well my friends, I hope you have a great party. And remember, no matter what...
Laissez le bon temps rouler!


Sobrina Tung said...

All great party tips. I still need to find a place that makes really good beignets :)

Han said...

Mmm! Good call Sobrina. I would not be disappointed to have my own person Cafe Du Monde chef. But then fried dough sprinkled with powdered sugar is delicious anywhere. :)

I'm thinking you should talk about beignets on one of your Monday delights. ^_^

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