Monday, October 24, 2011

Face This

Hi Friends!

Today I want to talk about skin care, mainly for your face. What is your favorite face wash?
I'm in love with all things Neutrogena. I've recently been using their Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser. I love how it doesn't have a slew of extra chemicals in it.

I also like the Oil-Free Acne Wash. For keeping the the rest of me clear, I'm a big fan of their Body Clear Body Wash.

My dilemma lies with moisturizers. I am very much a member of the oily skin team. Add that to my bad habit of not moisturizing and my skin feels the need to double its oil production to make up for it. So I'm looking for a good oil-free moisturizer to try. I'm thinking of trying this one by Neutrogena, my go-to brand, but I'd love to hear what your favorites are and why you like them.

While writing this, I tried out this clay mask by Freeman.

I picked up a sample while shopping with a friend and I may have to back for a full tube. I love how it went on creamy, dried pretty quickly, and washed off easily. It also doubled as aromatherapy with the invigorating mint and lemon scent. Chilling out with a green face for awhile is also fun. ^_^

So tell me your skin care favorites! Go!


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