Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Yours or mine?

I was reading this great post from the Desiring God blog and it brought up a good point that I had pondered before.

John Piper talks about whether or not we should read holy books from other religions. Learning the highlights and basics of other religions of the world was actually a required class where I went to school, so I've been exposed to more than just "where mommy and daddy went to church." While I wrestle with what I believe and why I believe it just like everyone else, I've felt secure in the basic principles I know to be true.

The idea of the world today is to be "accepting" "accommodating" "understanding" and "unprejudiced". Alright, I can do that. If I ask someone to do something, it's only fair that they be allowed to ask of me in return. So I can understand them and see where they are coming from. So do I need to smoke marijuana to better understand a druggie? Do I need to sell my body to better understand the hardships of a prostitute or shoot someone to better understand the reasons of a murderer? Yes these examples are extreme, but how far do we need to go to be "understanding" and "accommodating"? I love Piper's quote, " If you trust that what you have is honey, and somebody else says, "I've got another brown thing over here that is honey." But you know you already have honey, and you can tell it is honey because you've tasted it. You don't need to experiment with every brown thing that is brought to you in order to be sure that what you have is honey."

I'm not a great writer. My grammar is probably off in several places. I don't want to start a fight, have a debate, or cause hard feelings. But set the wheels of your mind in motion with me...


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