Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There is a season...

I absolutely love God's lil "coincidences"! I was just now typing up a post when a former teacher passed by to share some smiles and encouragement. So I have to share that before I return to my intellectual one.

I'm currently job hunting so as to move closer to the university I want to eventually attend. As difficult as it normally is to find new employment, the difficulty doubles when it's in another state. I've been hunting for several months now and it's becoming easy to get discouraged.

Just when a ray of sunshine was needed, that dear woman bounced into the office and asked how it was going for me. She shared a similar story of waiting and not getting your first choice when she was pursuing her internship for the same field. She told me how she was all set to go to Georgia when at the last minute she was offered a position in Pittsburg. Although being constantly cold and homesick, she eventually met her husband while up there. Just imagine! Had she not followed the path God had for her, she would have missed meeting the love of her life.

So I was warmly reminded that we know what we want, but God knows what we need. Guess I'll wait a lil longer... :)


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