Monday, October 17, 2011

Get This Party Started

Inspiration has descended! From the brilliant minds of many of my favorite bloggers has come "themed days"(i.e. Joanna's Motherhood Mondays and Sobrina's new series on her (Mildly) Roaring 20s)

Enter "Fais-Do-Do Fridays"! (What's a fais-do-do?) I'm a proud Cajun with a love of parties. I could spend hours looking at party ideas for get-togethers big and small. Combine the heritage with the interest and voila! a new series!

Be sure to come back this Friday for the maiden voyage, cher! Here's hoping it doesn't sink like that big pirogue...


Sobrina Tung said...

can't wait! :) did you see joanna is going to start discussing articles on her blog? so many great ideas, that woman!

Han said...

No, I sure missed that! She is full of amazingness as are you! :)

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