Monday, September 26, 2011

Children are the future...

Thank you so much for joining me this week! I hope and pray that you are successfully made aware of some of the problems and issues people are facing today and possibly even come out of this week with an organization that you would like to support.

Please understand that the organizations highlighted this week have in no way compensated me nor do I think they are any better than others. They are simply ones that I have been blessed to either personally come in contact with or have heard about from multiple settings. Feel free to let me know of any that I have not heard of. Help spread awareness in any way you can!

Today's organization is called Invisible Children. I first heard of them when they came to my college and showed us a film about child soldiers in Uganda. I was immediately broken-hearted for the young faces I saw. I cannot even imagine having a family member fighting in war, much less one under the age of 10.

Please visit their website and hear their story. Although it is much better than it once was, IC can still use any support they get.

Feel free to comment below about an organization that works against child soldiers.

Come back tomorrow to hear about some organizations that are fighting human trafficking, an issue I hold dear to my heart.


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