Monday, August 29, 2011

Cozy Up With A Good One

As usual, inspiration came today with a little help. I was flipping through a Real Simple magazine, a.k.a my crack, and came across an article on "the most beautiful book you have ever received." Naturally my imagination took off. A warm, breezy day with a stack of gently worn favorite books and a blanket. A beautiful first edition with an inspiring inscription written in elegant calligraphy. And on and on.

From there I hopped on Google to browse websites for first editions. (AbeBooks is good place to start.) I'm thinking they would make fabulous gifts. It was quite shocking to see just how much some go for and a little amusing to see that I unknowingly had a couple on my shelf which I paid mere cents for at used book stores. Note to self: save those.

I came full circle when checking in at my favorite blogs to read. Today, Joanna at A Cup of Jo sent her readers down memory lane remembering their favorite bedtime books. I recognized a few of her offered examples and remembered a few of my own.

What are some of your favorite books, bedtime or otherwise?


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