Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No Plans, No Outlines, Just Rambling...

I realized after skimming my favorite blogs for some good reads that the posts I like best are just about about the blogger's own life. So here we go. Nothing specific. Just a typing away.

This week I began a Biggest Loser challenge with my friend Abbie. It's a friendly competition and we've been checking in with each other for accountability and encouragement. We'll be competing for two months, ending on May 2 and have affectionately dubbed it "Abs & Han's 8 Week Biggest Loser Boot Camp." The winner will be gifted by the loser a $20 gift certificate to the store of their choice. If I win, I'm thinking I'd like mine to be from Bath & Body Works. The delights there are always wonderful AND they always FIT! ^_^

Currently watching Lil Bro out the corner of my eye as I type this. He's glued to the tv watching ESPN like a good sports fanatic should be. He cracks me up with how much info he absorbs from commentators and magazines. Bless his heart, if he absorbed as much from studying for school, he'd be a 4.0 student. Love that kid. He is a BEAST at some drumming though, and would love to play in a college marching band.

Flipped through some pics of my dear friend Manda and her sweet new baby Ariel. I miss her quite big-ly and cannot wait to make a trip to visit them,

Watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? That show always cracks me up. My favorite characters are the three regulars Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, and Colin Mochrie.

Think I'll be off to finish this episode. Thanks for listening to my ramblin's!


nic said...

I like the new font. It's....quirky.

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