Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Song Puzzle

Guess the names of the following Christmas songs. Each letter corresponds with a word in the title.

1. S C I C T T
2. I S M K S C
3. J B
4. I D O A W C
5. R T R N R
6. C R O A O F
7. D Y H W I H
8. A I A M
9. F T S
10. T F N
11. O C A Y F
12. I C U A M C
13. O L T O B
14. J T T W
15. S N H N
16. L I S
17. W C I T ?
18. T T D O C
19. G R Y M G
20. H T H A S
21. W W Y A M C
22. G T I O T M
23. W T K O O A


nic said...

haha! I love you! & I super love seeing my button on your blog! But you have to leave a comment for each of those to be 'entered'. I'm going to use with comment numbers to choose a winner! From the looks of it, you might win because apparently none of my other 113 followers care to enter! Looove you & so glad we got to see you this weekend! oh, btw...chad's wife was completely normal...we had fun trying to avoid all the other weird people at the dinner with each other. hehe.

nic said...

1. santa claus is coming to town
2. i saw mommy kissing santa claus (i squealed when I figured out this one)
3. jingle bells
5. rudolph, the red nosed reindeer
7. do you hear what I hear?
8. away in a manger
10. the first noel
11. oh come all ye faithful
13. oh little town of bethlehem
15. silent night, holy night
17. what child is this
20. hark, the herald angels sing
23. we three kings of orient are

omylanta...I can't think of anymore.

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