Monday, June 14, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes...

It would simply be a shameful thing if I worked with children for two years and did not share some of their quirky vocal tidbits. Enjoy!

K4 Boy to Me on Picture Day: “When I grow up, I want to be a singer just like Ashley Tisdale on High School Musical”

K4 Student to Me on Picture Day: “Why is the teacher taking so long?”
Me: “Well she has to take a picture too.”
Student: “For what?”
Me: “For the yearbook.”
Student (excitedly): “She’s going to be on tv?!”

Office staff to K4 Student: “Hurry and come see! You see that lizard?”
K4 Student (unruffled): “That’s just a Geico.”

K4 Student (waiting for discipline counsel): “When can I go back to class?”
Me: “After you talk to someone about being foolish.”
K4 Student: “Well can I just talk to you about it real quick?”

K5 Student: “How old are you?”
Teacher: “Old enough”
K5 Student (excitedly): “My mom is old enough too!”

K5 Student: “Alright, this is how it went down…”

K5 Student: “What’s the name of my book?”
Librarian: “’The Life & Times of the Honeybee’. You know my neighbor has honeybees living in the wall of his house.”
K5 Student: “We just have roaches.”

Teacher to 1st grader: “Now what does the Bible say about lying?”
1st grader (sadly): “I didn’t read that part yet.”

Prinicpal: “Now was that wise or foolish.”
Nervous 1st grader: “Yes!”

1st grade teacher was given a necklace by her student which wouldn’t fit over her head.
Teacher: “It just sits on my head. What do I do with it?”
Student: “I guess you’ll just have to be queen for a day.”

It's all true, I promise. You just can't make this stuff up! :)


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